Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why I Love My Wife

Wedding RingsI'm going to try something a little new here. Each day, I will post a list of two or three (or maybe four or five) reasons I love my wife, or things I love about my wife.

It's so easy to go through life in marriage, never really showing our appreciation for each other. My wife and I recently went away for a kid-free weekend. We went to a concert and to see the movie Fireproof, and the movie really hit home with me. It made me realize that I just don't show my wife how much I appreciate her.

I think most people who know me know how deep my devotion is to my wife, but sometimes I think I tend to get caught up in politics, and reading, and blogging, and podcasting (though not much lately) that I don't give my wife the attention or appreciation she deserves. So, beginning today, I plan to share here some of the reasons why I love my wife. Feel free to comment with the things you love about your spouse.
I love my wife because she's just stubborn enough to stand firm in her convictions, but open-minded enough to consider other points of view.

I love my wife because she is a wonderful, loving mother to our two great kids.

I love my wife because she loves to bake delicious cakes and cupcakes from homemade ingredients.

Your comments?


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