Friday, April 28, 2006

It's Almost Time

My wife is due to deliver our second child any day now. In fact, her Doctor has already scheduled a C-Section for next Wednesday, if she doesn't go into labor before then.

Of course, I'll be taking two weeks of vacation, much to the disappointment of my District Manager. The last Store Manager in my group to become a father went back to work the same day his wife went home from the hospital. I made it crystal clear at that time that I would be doing no such thing.

Being that my vacation will be starting in less than a week, and my life will be changing drastically at that time with the addition of a baby daughter to the family, I'm finding that I'm not very motivated to be at work today. The lack of cooperation from my District Manager probably contributes to my lack of motivation, as well.

Am I alone here? Have you ever run into a situation where you were made to feel guilty for taking vacation hours you earned at a time such as the birth of a child? Tell me about it. Submit your comments below, or email me at


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