Monday, January 9, 2006

Resolutions Revisited

Just over a week into the new year, how are you doing on your New Years Resolutions? I looked at mine today, and this is what I found:

Shave every day, instead of twice a week.So far, so good. I've only missed one day so far, it was a day off, and I didn't even leave the house for more than thirty minutes.

I guess this year I have to resolve to do a better job of keeping my bathroom clean. I did a thorough cleaning of my bathroom yesterday, from top to bottom. Now the challenge is to maintain it.

I should really try to be a little more responsive when my wife asks me to do things around the house. You'd have to ask my wife how I've done on this one, but I think I've shown some improvement.

I really should set a good example and start getting to work on time every day. I haven't been late once since I got my new alarm clock -- knock on wood.

I'm going to try to reduce the amount of time I spend in the office on the computer after I get home from work in the evening. I deleted my political blog and only download a couple of podcasts a day. I don't think I've spent more than an hour a day on the computer in quite some time.

I think I'll try again this year to read through the Bible. This is where I'm not quite making it. I've already readjusted my reading plan twice, and I'm currently four days behind schedule. I'll readjust again today and try to get back on schedule.
Overall, I'd say I've done pretty well. Of course, it's only been eight days.


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