Sunday, January 1, 2006

New Year Resolutions

It's a New Year (why do we always CAPITALIZE that?), and a time to make new resolutions. I don't normally make New Year Resolutions (there are those CAPITALS again), because most people don't keep them. I figure, why set yourself up for failure right away in the New Year (CAPS) by setting several unrealistic goals that you know deep inside you will never be able to keep?

Last night when my wife asked me what my resolutions were, I told her I didn't make any. At that point, I had no plans to make any resolutions for the New Year.

I have thought of a few things, however, that might be good resolutions, that I might actually keep.

» Shave every day, instead of twice a week. I wear a goatee, but shaving the rest of my face has never been a daily priority (since I left the Army, anyway). My wife gave me a new electric razor for Christmas, and it shaves it very nicely.

» I think we all know that most men don't keep their bathroom as clean as a woman would. We don't mind if a little shaving creme stays in the sink, or if a dirty towel lays on the floor for a few days, and we certainly don't clean the fixtures as often as we should. My wife absolutely refuses to clean my bathroom for me. I guess this year I have to resolve to do a better job of keeping my bathroom clean.

» I should really try to be a little more responsive when my wife asks me to do things around the house. Instead of always putting things off, maybe I should just get up and do them.

» I really should set a good example and start getting to work on time every day. I commute two hours each way, and sometimes it's hard to get up at 4:30 so I can be to work by 7:00. My wife gave me a new "Neverlate Alarm Clock" for Christmas that she got at It has lots of cool features, but what I like best is the customizable snooze alarm. Mine is set to go off every minute, so I never actually fall back to sleep. I've been at least ten minutes early to work each of the past two days.

» I'm going to try to reduce the amount of time I spend in the office on the computer after I get home from work in the evening. I've reduced the number of podcasts that I download to listen to during my daily commute, and I haven't blogged as much lately. In fact, I'm considering eliminating one of my blogs ( With my other two blogs (this one, and, as well as a technology website I write for, I'm stretching myself a little thin. If you'd like to see all three blogs continue, send me an email.

» Last year, one of the few resolutions I made was to read through the Bible during the year. I followed a Bible reading program for seven and a half months before I got off schedule and never got back on. I think I'll try again this year.

I think that's enough things to consciously focus on. I don't want to resolve on more than I can realistically accomplish. Maybe I should ask my wife what her resolutions are.

Happy New Year!


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