Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Morning Sickness Stinks!

Tomorrow, my wife and I go to see her Doctor for her first check-up since becoming pregnant. I say that we both go because I have always gone to every one of my wife's appointments during pregnancy, and every one of my son's appointments since he was born. It's just one of the things I like to do to be involved in the pregnancy.

My wife has had horrible morning sickness for the past twelve years. Okay, it's really only been two months, but it sure feels like twelve years. When she was pregnant with our son, she had about a week of morning sickness with projectile vomiting and it was all over. This time, she has been non-stop sick since we found out she is expecting, but has only been sick enough to vomit one day.

Morning sickness has got to be God's revenge to women for Eve and the whole apple fiasco. I mean, it's terrible! My wife has been (understandably) unmotivated to do much of anything throughout this entire pregnancy to date. I'm not complaining (really), because I can understand that she wouldn't be up to doing much if she feels as badly as she says she feels.

It's put a huge damper on everything. We don't go anywhere, or do anything. My wife feels like throwing up every time she stands up. She only feels good when she's lying down, and even then I don't think you could describe it as "good."

It has also put a huge extra workload on me. Now hear me out on this one. I drive two hours to get to work five days a week. I work ten hours a day, then drive two hours back home. I sleep approximately six hours a night. That leaves me four hours a day. One hour is spent each morning getting ready for work, and one hour is spent each evening playing with my son after work. Add another thirty minutes for dinner, and I now have only ninety minutes left for everything else.

I love to read, but haven't been able to read much lately. In fact, that's usually how I fall asleep: lying in bed trying to do a little reading. I have two weblogs or my own to maintain, as well as a 40,000 visitor per day technology website I write for. I get a slew of email to go through on a daily basis, and I like to download some news in mp3 format to listen to during my daily commute.

With a sick, pregnant wife, I try to help out by washing dishes, doing laundry, picking up my son's toys, either buying or making dinner, and whatever else I can do. In addition, we're looking to buy our first home, which I still don't devote enough time to.

In all, I think I pack about 28-1/2 hours of activity into every day. It's hectic, and impossible, but I still think it's better than what my wife is dealing with!


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