Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Political Hang Up

Just what makes people -- even my own political party -- think it's okay to call me in the middle of the work day and start rattling their spiel with no regard for what I might be busy doing? Not even a, "Do you have a moment?" to make sure they aren't catching me in the middle of something. Maybe that's why they've been calling me twice a day every day with their number marked RESTRICTED. They must have known that eventually I would get tired of rejecting the RESTRICTED call and wondering who it was that I would actually answer it.

Wonder if they knew I would hang up on them, too.

I understand the importance of Cut, Cap & Balance. I realize that Congress and the Obama Administration have failed us financially (for one). You would have to live under a rock not to know (in fact, I think even Patrick Star understands). Please don't call me and insult my intelligence with your scripted jargon. And if you, dear GOP, need to call someone, shouldn't you be calling the Democrats or Independents who are still disillusioned with Washington? Make your phone calls count and stop preaching to the choir!

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