Monday, March 22, 2010

Help the Indiana GOP defeat Democrats who voted for healthcare reform

A message for the Indiana Republican Party Chairman, Murray Clark, forwarded without compensation or endorsement as a courtesy by Average Joe American. 


Dear Friends and Fellow Republicans,

Last night the House passed the Senate's health care reform bill by a slim 219-212 margin.  I don't have to tell you that this bill was an assault on the Republican principles of smaller government, lower taxes and more individual freedoms.  I don't have to tell you that this bill has a price tag we can't afford.  I don't have to tell you about all the back room dealings and underhanded parlor tricks the Democrats used to get the bill passed.  You've heard about all of it for months now.

While we should still be telling our friends and neighbors why this bill was such a raw deal for Hoosiers, it's time to put our words into action.  We must work harder than ever to defeat those in Congress who voted in support of this bill.  Rep. Joe Donnelly was for this bill, then he was against it, and at the last minute yesterday he voted for it.  Rep. Baron Hill has played the same game at every step in the process: Pretend to have concerns and then ultimately vote for the bill.  Rep. Brad Ellsworth, who will be running for U.S. Senate this fall, tried to hide from the public as much as possible and avoided taking a stance for as long as he could.  He, too, voted to pass this bill multiple times.  And we all know that Reps. Andre Carson and Pete Visclosky are reliable liberal votes for the Obama and Pelosi agenda.

The Indiana Republican Party is committed to defeating all of them in November.  If you are as outraged as we are, help us send a message to these Congressmen that Hoosiers won't stand for their lack of leadership. 

There is a long way to go between now and November, but we won't forget that Joe Donnelly, Baron Hill and Brad Ellsworth turned their backs on Hoosiers last night.

Murray Clark
Indiana Republican Party

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