Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Commemorate Caesar: Take a Deep Breath!

NPR : Commemorate Caesar: Take a Deep Breath!:
"Though you may not have noticed, today is the 2049th anniversary of Julius Caesar's assassination.

Most of us have a vague sense of what happened that day. Caesar was, of course, a great conquerer. He was very popular with the ordinary folks in Rome, but not so popular with a small group of senators who feared that at any moment he would make himself an absolute dictator.

The senators, including his friend Brutus ('Et tu?'), conspired, invited him to the Senate, gathered round and stabbed him over and over. Caesar, mortally wounded, exhaled and died.

And it's not like Caesar hadn't been warned. Soothsayers had told him to 'Beware the Ides Of March' -- 'ides' meaning the middle of the month. But he paid no heed."
Not that I think there's any value in observing the birth, life, or death of Julius Caesar. I just thought this was interesting for it's obvious links to the Ides of March.

And check out the eyes in that picture!


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