Saturday, October 12, 2013

Food Stamps Brown Out

I wonder who they'll blame for this one. My money's on John Boehner and the House Republicans.

No groceries for people in 17 states when food stamp debit card system fails -

By Becky Bratu, Staff Writer, NBC News

People across 17 states Saturday were unable to use their food stamp debit cards after a computer failure at the company that powers the system.
Ohio, Michigan and Illinois were a few of the states where people reported having trouble using their electronic benefits transfer cards, which are managed by vendor Xerox Corp.

A company spokeswoman confirmed Saturday that the system was experiencing connectivity issues.
"During a routine test of our back-up systems Saturday morning, Xerox's Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) system experienced a temporary shutdown. While the system is now up and running, beneficiaries in the 17 affected states continue to experience connectivity issues to access their benefits," spokeswoman Karen Arena said in a statement.

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