Monday, April 5, 2010

Reds Opening Day!

Do you feel that? That little fluttering sensation in your chest? Like butterflies in your stomach, only a little bit higher. And louder. And faster.

That, my friends, is OPENING DAY that you're feeling. The excitement of the first pitch about to be thrown out. The boys of summer back at it again. Spring has truly sprung.

It's Opening Day in Cincinnati, and I cannot wait to see the Cincinnati Reds back at it again. After a good first half of the year last year, they struggled a bit, but always put on a great show. This year I'll be pulling for them from wire to wire, once again.

This team, if they play like they are truly capable of playing, can be a HUGE surprise in the National League Central.

Are you ready? I hope so, because that little fluttering feeling won't go away until long after the first out has been made.

It's Baseball, baby, and there's nothing better than
Baseball in Cincinnati!

Send me your comments. Joe

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