Monday, May 9, 2005

Happy Mothers Day to My Wife

Mothers Day comes but once a year,
a time for dad and son
to show the one they love so dear
that she is number one.

She does so much work around the house
to keep our lives on course.
She's more than a mommy and more than a spouse,
she's more like a driving force.

She keeps us in motion when we're feeling drained
and just want to sit and rest.
She keeps right on going when she's feeling strained
and always gives us her best.

She's a wonderful mommy and wonderful wife,
of that there can be no doubt.
She's the special woman who means most in our life
that we just can't live without.

One day's not enough in the span of a year
to give her our thanks and our love.
There's no one on Earth who can even compare.
She's an angel from Heaven above.

Every day of the year we should find some way
to show the mom in our lives,
that she's so much more special than words can say
and the greatest of moms and wives.

Happy Mothers Day! We Love You!

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